The Map of the Great Empire

Portfolio Description

As part of my indie game project, this world map was created. it is the world in which my game is set and the world in which the story of the game is told.

Why the world looks like this.

The world itself was of course a long thought process. How should the world look like, which people live there, in which time it takes place and many other questions were to be clarified. All this is of course part of my game project and occupies me for several years now. I finally decided on a spiral world because it allows me a small number of powerful continents. These continents are kingdoms all under the empire, which of course has its capital in the middle of the spiral. From this point all power goes out.

How it was made

The world itself is developed in GAEA, a program which is probably comparable to WorldMachine, but in my opinion it is better. From there, simple heightmaps have been exported and then converted with Photoshop alone piece by piece into the look of this world map. A lot of work was done by hand. Then the heightmaps were used in Octane to create a terrain, as a texture for the terrain was again the map used. This allows me to render this Game of Thrones like map.

Interactive Map

For fun and experimental purposes, I created an Interactive LeafletJS map from the very large texture. I try to enter points of the world here little by little and maybe describe them in the future, who knows.

Portfolio Media

Valentin Winkelmann

Valentin Winkelmann

My great passion is computers and everything that has to do with them. I do nerdy things in C#, Typescript and PHP. I studied Game Art and 3D Animation and work full-time as a web and graphic designer. I like to spend my free time in the nature, which is a contrast to the technical world.

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