Digital Art & 3D Animationas

Hello, my name is Valentin.
Creating digital art and developing interactive applications is my great passion for many years. As a 3D art freelancer and independent game developer I am always looking for new projects and adventures.

Game Dev & 3D Art

Creating interactive 3D and 2D applications as well as rendering and creating 3D models and sceneries

Webdesign & Programming

I love programming in C#, Typescript and PHP. Frameworks like Angular, Vue and React are well known to me.

Nerd Stuff

Everything that is somehow technical can fascinate me, from steam engines and rockets to old cameras and computers.

„My name is Valentin Winkelmann and I was born in 1994 in Wuppertal, Germany. At a young age, I developed a passion for digital art, specifically 3D animation. Over the years, I have taught myself many skills and knowledge in this field and continued to educate myself.

In 2014, I began studying „Game Art & 3D Animation“ at the university, which I successfully completed in 2016. Since then, I have been working as a freelancer in the field of 3D content production, digital art, and web application development. I specialize in developing interactive content with the UnityEngine and have extensive knowledge of C#, TypeScript, and PHP.

In my work, I am inspired by steampunk and dieselpunk styles and am a big fan of authors such as Jules Verne, HP Lovecraft, and Arthur C. Clarke. Games such as Bioshock and Fallout also have a big influence on my work and impact my creative decisions.

Since 2022, I have also occasionally offered my artworks as NFTs to further immortalize my digital works and give collectors and fans of my art the opportunity to own and possess them.

I am very passionate about my work as a 3D artist and web developer and am excited to use my skills and knowledge in these areas to create creative and innovative projects. I am always striving to improve and enhance my abilities in order to create even better and more impressive works.“

Valentin Winkelmann

3D Artist, Webdesigner Freelancer

What i do

Game Art & Game Dev

I Work in the Unity and Unreal Engine.

3D Rendering

3D art is my passion for many years.

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Webdesign & Programming

I not only design websites but also develop plugins and apps.