The Frog

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This submersible, also called „The Frog“ because of its backward flattened shape, is used to explore the deep sea while staying on the ground. Its design is strongly based on armored vehicles from the first and second world wars, although „The Frog“ has no military use at all, but is merely used for research.

I developed the diving vehicle for my game project, where it will be used as a controllable and walkable vehicle. First tests in Unity already work very well and allow to drive the frog. It will probably get trailers in the future and get some equipment stowed on the sides.

The vehicle is entered via the side pressure lock or via the upper hatch, which must be docked to a diving station or a submarine, but then allows entry and exit without having to enter the water.

The frog is also powered by a nuclear reactor, which allows it to travel great distances underwater.

Honors and Awards.

The entire final result of the project was selected by Sketchfab as a StaffPick and voted into the SketchFab „Top 10 – Week 2021-31“. I also had the great honor to be featured with this project by the prestigious digital art magazine

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Valentin Winkelmann

Valentin Winkelmann

My great passion is computers and everything that has to do with them. I do nerdy things in C#, Typescript and PHP. I studied Game Art and 3D Animation and work full-time as a web and graphic designer. I like to spend my free time in the nature, which is a contrast to the technical world.

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