T200 Dieselpunk Mech

Portfolio Description

To say thank you to the Sketchfab team for their good work and to celebrate reaching 200 Twitter followers, I created this robot and share it with you as a freebie. It’s rigged, but the hydraulic stamps are based on constrains and they can’t be exported from Cinema4D to FBX (I don’t know if you can even write constraints in FBX format), so you’ll have to reconfigure them yourself, but it shouldn’t be hard.

The T200 Imperial Mech is equipped with two Gatling guns that can fire 80mm rounds. Up to 3 passengers can be seated in the T200 Mech. It has two searchlights that can be controlled from the inside to execute patrols.

The mech was created using Cinema4D and Substance Painter. Octane was used for the renderings.

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Valentin Winkelmann

Valentin Winkelmann

My great passion is computers and everything that has to do with them. I do nerdy things in C#, Typescript and PHP. I studied Game Art and 3D Animation and work full-time as a web and graphic designer. I like to spend my free time in the nature, which is a contrast to the technical world.

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