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The Eater is as the name suggests and his mouth undoubtedly shows, a hungry beast, but he always remains thin and never gets satisfied. He may be blind, but he perceives his environment very well. Due to a well-developed sense of smell and hearing, no appetizing human meal escapes him.

I had created the monster in zBrush and then modeled it in substance Painter, with Cinema4D and RizomUV serving as the pipeline in between. The model is fully rigged and can be purchased on Sketchfab.

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Valentin Winkelmann

Valentin Winkelmann

My great passion is computers and everything that has to do with them. I do nerdy things in C#, Typescript and PHP. I studied Game Art and 3D Animation and work full-time as a web and graphic designer. I like to spend my free time in the nature, which is a contrast to the technical world.

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